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Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in the DEVOTION Mentorship. DEVOTION is a culmination of my life's work. 17 years of my own personal healing journey, 10 years of teaching yoga, 5 years of leading women's circles, and just over 2 years of 1:1 counseling. To begin to share with you what DEVOTION is about I need to share a bit of my story. 

For most of my adult life I have struggled with;

~ constantly seeking external validation

~ people pleasing

~ zero boundaries

~ toxic & abusive relationships

~ not believing in myself or my capacity

~ debilitating fear

~ self-sabotage

~ extreme overwhelm

~ inability to follow through and finish tasks

~feeling unworthy

~ minor depression

~ obsessed with proving myself

~ alcohol abuse

These struggles guided me to seeking answers.

I found yoga at 21. I did my 1st yoga teacher training at 28. After that I did several more teacher trainings, retreats, mentorships, and I was guided to many healers, mystics, and teachers along the way. If it weren't for the teachers, healers and mystics that helped me I would not be where I am today. I am incredibly grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to learn and be guided by these amazing light workers.

Where I am now:

~ I speak my truth, I know my worth, I trust the process

~ No longer seeking external validation or outside approval from anyone or anything

~ Setting boundaries like a MF (shoutout to Meg)

~ Only allowing nourishing, supportive relationships into my life

~ I believe in myself and I take aligned action (even when it's scary)

~ I no longer become paralyzed by fear or overwhelm

~ I feel content and proud of the woman I am

~ My relationship with alcohol feels healthy, only drinking small amounts on occasion

~ I acknowledge my inner critic and I choose to not believe it or let it take control

~ Motivated, ambitious, courageous

~ I trust myself, I trust the divine

Let me be clear, though.

I am certainly not saying I have all the answers, that I have it all figured out, or that I am fully healed. I am on this path with you. I have come a long way, but I still have a long ways to go. I am learning and growing everyday, and often surprised when old patterns, thoughts, and wounds surface. I also have learned to welcome them.  Every trigger is a teacher. The difference between old me and new me is that I have built sustainable structures and systems to help me move through, process, integrate, and heal. These systems and structures will be shared with you, moreover I will guide you to create a sustainable system of your own. 

My desire is to share the tools that have helped me with those who are seeking the support and guidance necessary to remember their truth, reclaim their worth, and rise into their power. I am here to remind you that you are not broken. You are already whole, you just have to unravel from everything that has told you that you are not. You are already worthy. You just need to remember. It's a process. It's actually a lifelong journey. But, transformation is possible! It is ok to want more out of your life. It is ok to admit that you are not ok.

This dissatisfaction, frustration, confusion, being stuck, feeling lost is guiding you towards the healing and transformation that you need, and not only that you need but that you are ready for. It is surfacing because it's ready to be seen, felt, integrated, and released. When we are unhappy it is a clear indication to acknowledge what's not working and start making some shifts...whether that be our shifts in our circumstances, relationships, career, perspective, attitude, habits, thoughts, etc. If you are still reading this and it is resonating then you have been guided here.  The universe is always supporting and guiding us. All we need to do is pay attention and have the courage to answer the call.


What's inlcuded in this 3-month mentorship:

~ Monthly 90-min private yoga, guided relaxation,

and 1:1 Counseling Session (Done in person if you live in the North Lake Tahoe / Reno area, if not everything can be offered via Zoom) 

~ 20-min Weekly Accountability Check-in

~ Access to all of my yoga classes and

Women's Circles at Spirit Rebel

~ Weekly 20-min private yoga session over Zoom

~ Personalized yoga, meditation, and journaling practices

~ A customized Flower Essence Blend to

take each month

~ Customized Prayers, Mantras & Affirmations

~ Monthly oracle reading with

audio recording of a Healing Practice

This 3-month mentorship is a good fit for those who are;

~ feeling stuck and stagnant

~ feeling lost and unsure of what's next

~ are in their own way

~ in transition

~ dealing with anxiety, overwhelm, and/or minor depression

~ feeling dissatisfied

~ seeking direction

~ seeking a deeper connection to self and source

~ seeking more meaning and fulfillment in their life

~ are ready to make some changes but are letting fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs get in their way

~ are ready to say yes to living a life that feels true, beautiful, aligned, and empowered


  • $1,111

  • Payment plan option: 4 payments of $289 paid in full within 4 months of the DEVOTION start date

  • Sliding Scale for low-income option: We discuss what you can afford to pay each month.

  • I currently have 3 spaces available for DEVOTION, 2 for pay in full or payment plan and 1 sliding scale option.

  • Registration and questions: email Kate at We will set up a 15-20min call to determine if this Mentorship is right for you at this time.

  • This mentorship is great to do alongside with a friend or a partner! You can hold each other accountable and check in with each other along the way. If you register with a friend or partner and would like to do your yoga sessions together I will give you each $100 discount.  

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