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Sliding scale $90-$120 for all 3
Email us at if you'd like to save $ and register for all 3

Feminine Embodiment Practices, Kundalini Breath, Meditation & Mantra, Sound Bath, Energy Clearing,
Deep Relaxation, Journaling & Sharing.


About Outdoor Sister Circle & Sound Bath 

Let's take advantage of the warm days and come together outside in sisterhood! We are offering these circles monthly on the following dates;

  • June 17th 6-8pm : Cultivate Courage + Reclaim your Power

  • July 15th 6-8pm : Awaken your Heart + Become Magnetic

  • Aug 28th 5:30-7:30pm : Find your Voice + Express your Truth 

This is safe & sacred space for sisterhood. A sanctuary for your mind, body & soul. In these circles the invitation is to come exactly as you are as we meet ourselves and each other with kindness, compassion and curiosity. We come together in sisterhood to remember we are whole, worthy, lovable, and capable as we let go of everything that holds us back from living this truth. The intention is to provide a space for women to share sacred practices and to be seen, heard, understood, and appreciated which opens our hearts, expands our capacity to receive, and helps us feel supported, confident, courageous, and empowered to live our truth.


We will begin by grounding together in our sacred space and then we will connect with our bodies through feminine embodiment practices, deep stretching, and mindful movement preparing us for a powerful Kundalini meditation. We will take a few moment to reflect, journal, and share and we will finish with deep rest and long sound bath healing journey.

Find links to join at the top of this page. If you have any questions please contact us

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