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FULL BLOOM is a celebration of the feminine and a sacred space to cultivate deep, radical and unconditional self-love. In this gathering we will connect with our bodies, our hearts, and in sisterhood as we explore self-compassion, embodiment, receiving, rest, play, ritual, and more. Here are some topics we will cover through movement, meditation, discussion, and ceremony;

  • How to cultivate gratitude and joy even when we also feel stress, challenges and pain of the past and present.

  • Allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are and where we are in our lives--accepting life’s hardships AND remembering to commit to doing the things that bring us joy and dream our desires into being event when we're facing challenges. 

  • How do we OPEN to life even when we're not getting what we want?

  • Expanding our capacity to receive by deeply feeling and being with what is.

FULL BLOOM is about stepping fully into our  I AM, shedding away and healing wounds to fully express and embody our truest self. When our heart is in full bloom, we are opening to receive all that we are worthy and deserving of.

In FULL BLOOM we will go on a transformational journey of descending to ascend—through breath, mantra, juicy feminine movement, ceremony, dance, play, and more. We descend deeply into our own depths — the way a seed descends into the earth and the caterpillar descends into its cocoon. There are 3 phases;

Phase 1: Rooting Down and welcoming ALL parts of us to be here (especially the parts we dismiss and avoid)

Phase 2 : Cleansing and Releasing

Phase 3 : Rising and Receiving — Like a flower in full bloom or a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. Through this practice we create space for more grace, amplify our capacity to receive, and awaken the soft, open, expansive energy of the feminine. 

SCHEDULE OF THE DAY (exact times are subject to change)

  • 11:00 : Ceremony Opening, Grounding Meditation & Introductions

  • 12:00 : ROOTING DOWN with Feminine Embodiment Practices, Yoga, Journaling

  • 1:00 : CLEANSING & RELEASING with Water Ceremony, Rose Ceremony & Mantra

  • 2:00 : Picnic, Herbal Elixirs, River Play & Rest Time

  • 3:00 : RISING & RECEIVING with Temple Ceremony, Lecture, Sharing, Closing Celebration 

  • 5:00 : Retreat ends


Our Picnic will be provided by Heidi from She is an amazing chef and our picnic will be vegan and gluten free. Please inform of us of any other allergies or dietary restrictions by no later than 9/15 by noon.


About Heidi

My journey to Regenerative Health started way back in 2003. I studied Exercise Science at Ithaca College, which covered courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Medical Terminology, Biomechanics, etc. From there I studied Yoga & Ayurveda in India in 2012 and became a Registered Yoga Teacher in California.​ In 2013 I was accepted into Herbal Medicine School but decided to pursue a career in Circus Arts while I was still young.​ In 2020 I was introduced to Regenerative Health after a diagnosis of Early-Onset Arthritis in my right knee, with a prognosis of a full knee replacement before 50. No, thank you! After experiencing the profound effects of Regenerative Health in my own body, I enrolled at the Institute of Regenerative Health and am now a Certified Practitioner here to guide you towards the best health of your life!


About Kate

Kate's superpowers are helping women feel nurtured, calm, and safe, as well as the ability to help them go deeper and find what is beneath the surface inhibiting their growth. She creates safe and sacred spaces for women to unravel from their conditioning and come home to their truth through yoga, permission to feel, rest & receive, flower essences, meditation, expression, ritual & ceremony. She values diving deep, being real, providing practical and applicable tools, and reminding herself and others to laugh and play! She is a yoga teacher that specializes in Kundalini for Women’s Health, Yin, Restorative & Gentle Vinyasa Flow. She is the founder of Spirit Rebel, a Women’s Circle Facilitator, Flower Essence Practitioner, nature lover, beagle Mom, Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Capricorn Rising, Manifestor in Human Design & and ENFP.


About Malyssa

Malyssa Heart is a Ceremonialist, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Rose Lineage Activator, & Magdalene Rose Priestess. One of her most passionate callings she brings to the new earth is Sisterhood of the Rose Women’s Circles. In these circles she guides women through Temple ceremonies & rituals of purification, receiving, forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and empowerment to uplift the divine feminine. She channels the frequency of unconditional love through the Venusian Pink Ray inviting women into their true essence of divine love. Sisterhood has been one of the deepest forms of healing I have received. Through the sacred practices of the Rose I have been able to heal my heart and my lineage. It’s truly an honor to create a safe and sacred space for women to connect, heal, and uplift each other. Together we ripple out the frequencies into humanity.

May we all rise together and shine our soul light into the New Earth.


Instagram: @malyssa.heart


Registration closes on noon at 9/15. This is necessary so the chef has a sufficient amount of time to shop, meal prep, and cook our meal. 

  • $125 ~ Regular ticket price 

  • $150 ~ Last-minute sign ups from 8/14-8/15


The retreat will be held at a private residence located on the Truckee River near downtown Truckee. Exact address will be provided upon registration.


If weather or poor air quality issues arise we will move the retreat to our studio Spirit Rebel Collective. In the event of a cancellation due to extenuating circumstances students will receive a full credit or refund. If the student needs to cancel they will receive a full credit if you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice or if you need to cancel due to illness or emergency. No refunds if student cancels within less than 48 hours or for no shows. Thank you for your understanding. 

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