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Hello & Welcome! We have a variety of classes, events, and workshops to choose from! Please know that we are a shared community space, so some of the events are listed on on our schedule, and you may register for those directly through this website, and some of the events you will need to register directly with the teacher/facilitator of the event. If you click on the image below for the event you are interested you will see details for how to register and/or a registration link. If you can't find the registration info you are looking for please contact us at and we will point you in the right direction. For all classes and events that are being offered by Kate, the owner of Spirit Rebel, you will be able to register directly here. We appreciate your understanding!

March Schedule of Events


all upcoming events

March Moon Medicine Circle
Transformational Breathwork
Men's Group
Yin Yoga + Sound Healing
From Chaos to Consciousness & Creativity
Herbs for Illness
Yin Yoga + Affirmations
Seeds of the Sacred Feminine
Kundalini Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Awakened & Empowered Childbirth Education
Sacred Way
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